February 24, 2012

6 Months Ago...

 this was my baby boy. 
Well, this was me... but obviously, baby boy was there too. 

When I took this picture, I was very ready to hold my baby in my arms instead of in my belly. And a couple of days later, that is exactly what I got to do. And since that day, our life has been very topsy-turvy, but so full of happiness. It is amazing to me how love is something that you just don't run out of. Our baby boy is our fourth child, and with each new addition to our family, my heart gets a new addition of love. I guess that's why, even though our life just seems to be getting more and more challenging, it is also getting more and more joyful.

 This is my baby boy now. I love that happy smile. It adds such delight to my day.

And there are so many more little delights that come to mind as I think over the past six months. Like baby boy nestling into my neck and sleeping (that stage was over too soon *sniff*)... the sound of his little grunts and squeaks when he's waking up... listening to his soft breathing as he sleeps next to me (sometimes that seems to be the only way he'll sleep)... hearing his happy gurgles and coos from his bed after he wakes up from a good nap (good naps don't happen often around here, but happy gurgles and coos still do)... seeing him watch and listen to his sister and brothers and then seeing his huge grin when they look at him or talk to him... breathing in his fresh milky scent... feeling his soft little hand wrapped around my finger as he falls asleep while I'm holding him... listening to his big baby belly laughs when I take off his onesies, or tickle his neck or armpits... watching him fall asleep in his daddy's arms while they listen to music... seeing him try to figure out how to work those little hands and grab a toy... feeling his little gums chomping on my shoulder... hearing his sister and brothers laugh at the cute things he does... having him in his swing or baby carrier, keeping me company in the kitchen while I cook or wash dishes... seeing his face light up whenever I look at him, unless he's hungry, bored, or tired. Then he fusses if I look at him, but even that is a delight, because it lets me know that he needs me and I can help him feel better soon. 

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I love being a mom! I feel incredibly blessed to be a mom. It's the most difficult thing I've ever done, but it's worth every second of sleep deprivation and all that other hard parenting stuff. I don't always feel my love for parenting in those difficult moments, but at times like these, when I can reflect on my deeper emotions, all the blissfulness of motherhood comes bubbling to the surface.

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