June 26, 2012

And four months later...

I know, it's been a very long time. I am still working at making this blog part of my routine. I have asked myself if I should even continue to try... there are easier ways to keep in touch with family and friends. And I could just write in my journal, rather than put my thoughts online. But the truth is, I enjoy keeping this blog. I love that I can easily add pictures right along with my thoughts, and I love that it helps me focus on my priorities in life. This is a place where I can consolidate all the jumbled interests, ideas, and hopes that I have floating around in my mind. And I think that later in life, I'll be glad that I have this record. That being said, I am going to try to make this a habit. I have a lot of catching up to do, but for now, here is a glimpse of life around here these days.

Sheets hanging on the line on a breezy day... one of my favorite things about summer.
I used to love walking through them when I was a little girl. I still do. Now she does too. We had to leave our old house and awesome backyard because our landlords wanted to move back into it. I was sad when the news that we had to move sunk in. I wasn't expecting to have to cross that bridge for another year. But it has turned out to be a blessing. We found another great house in a beautiful village. This house has a lot of clothesline in the backyard, and that just makes me happy. :)

My good little helper.
 We were able to move in time to get a vegetable garden planted and some flowers in pots going so that they'll have plenty of time to grow before the summer is over.

Five-year-old discoveries.
This guy found a cool rock with a plant growing on it. It's amazing what you can discover in your own backyard when you're five.

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  1. Such wonderful pictures of my favorite kids (minus one)