My Family


He's the man I met during my freshman year of college, the man who sat next to me in geology, the man who walked near me and my broken foot on a snowy trail in a canyon, the man who held my hand when we walked on campus at night, the man who went to live in South America and came back with a Spanish accent, the man who asked me to marry him on a small moonlit bridge in the winter, the man who has become a daddy to three and has been putting up with me for all these years. 

Hub loves maps, motorcycles, movies, maple bars, MRE's (not), music, and...
oh yeah, me.

The Girl

She's six years old. She likes the color blue, stuffed animals, and she likes to dance and sing. She likes horses and giraffes and to help me cook. She's a problem solver. If there is a situation that needs a solution, she wants to find one. She loves her little brothers and is a wonderful big sister!

The Boy

He's four years old. He likes the color green, his toy airplane, and to sing. He likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and puzzles. He likes to try to figure out how things work. He takes them apart and sometimes tries to put them back together again. He is such a good friend to his big sister and baby brother! 

The Baby Boy

He is two years old. He was born in Korea, which is why we sometimes call him Aegi (Korean for baby). He likes food, baths, nap-time (yippee!), walking, and pounding on things that make noise. He likes animals and I'm pretty sure he really likes his family!