February 18, 2011

Our February so far.

February began with us waking up one morning realizing that our house was colder than usual and we had no hot water. We've had quite a bit of warmer weather this last couple of months, but this happened to be during a really cold week. Fortunately, we only had to go without heat and hot water for a few days. Hub's office building used to be a barracks so there is a shower room in there, which came in handy because we were able to go there one night for a warm shower. 

Here are some of the other things that have been going on here this month:
(One of the side effects of this first trimester of pregnancy was lack of motivation... one result was that I didn't want to bother with my big camera, so took our little camera along most of the time. Unfortunately, the pictures turned out not so great.)
The kids got to go climbing one day (just the older two, of course). The boy wasn't really into it yet... he just climbed once and then was ready to just watch, but the girl loved it. She climbed all the way to the top of one wall, and then we went back another day (no camera that time) and she climbed to the top of two different walls. We'll definitely be doing this more often.
We also took a trip to a fantastic science museum. The kids (and Hub) had a blast checking out all the sciency gadgets. Things like a giant yo-yo, a rope that stuck straight up in the air and did some crazy dancing when you touched it, a hovercraft, and a race track where you could race different animals, including a sperm... which was odd, but the kids just thought it was a snake. :)

Some of the other things we did:
Ate some delicious yogurt, worked on Math on IXL (I love that website), made some more fun shaped little loaves of bread, and watched the pets (one of the kids' favorite pastimes). Squeaky, the baby guinea pig has really adopted Snowflake, the bunny, as his mother. In the picture above he was taking a nap on her, until I disturbed him by getting down to take a pic.

Our Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. The kids and I made some Valentines to take to a party we went to. We also took a pasta casserole and some mini-bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Hub gave me some beautiful flowers and he gave the girl a rose. All the kids also got some special Valentines after church on Sunday (Hub had to leave for a trip that evening, so we celebrated a day early).

Next up... a report of the trip that we'll be taking this weekend. Happy February!


  1. It looks to me like things are going pretty well. I wish I could come hang out with you guys...oh wait...I guess I will in a few months! I'm excited to hear about your trip. Where are you going?


  2. So fun! Those flowers are gorgeous and that casserole looks so good. Thank you for letting me know about IXL... I'll be putting Little Guy to work today. :)

  3. Josh, we're heading to "Benelux" (Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands). I'll be sure to let you know all about it!

    Hilary, yes I really like IXL. It's kind of expensive to join (I think $79 a year), but there is SO much math on the website from Pre K through 8th grade, and my kids really enjoy doing it.