June 26, 2010


I am not an athlete. I'm no good at team sports. I played t-ball and soccer when I was very little and my dad was my coach. And I played on a basketball team once or twice. But I was always the one who very rarely touched the ball during a game. If by chance, a team-mate accidentally threw the ball to me, something would snap during the transmission of the message from my brain to whatever limb of my body should have been responsible for doing something with the ball, and I'd go into panic mode and frantically hurl the ball into the blur around me. It usually didn't result in anything good for the team, so beyond elementary school, I didn't play any team sports. 

But if I did play a sport, I'm pretty sure it would be soccer. I love soccer for some reason. Don't ask me anything about it, because all I know is that a bunch of players try to kick the ball into the goal guarded  by the opposing team. It's emabarrassing how little I know about it actually, considering I just said that I love the sport. I don't know... there's just something about it... I imagine being out on that green field, in fresh air, and running. Just thinking about it makes me feel more alive, which is weird because I know that if I got out of my chair and tried to go play a real game of soccer right now, I'd come back feeling half-dead.

Anyway, it's fun to live in Germany during the World Cup.  German flags are hanging from windows and being flown from cars. The Man and I have been following the teams and waiting to see who's going to make it further. We are supposed to get the keys to our house tomorrow, but had to change the time we are meeting with the landlord because Germany made it through the last round, and will be playing tomorrow. It's a big deal here. And it's fun to get caught up in the excitement. As you can see in the picture above, even the Aegi is excited about it. He was celebrating with the Man because he was playing a World Cup computer game and his team (Argentina) beat Sweden.

Here is the World Cup 2010 theme song for your listening pleasure.


  1. That is the best picture of that kid EVER! What a winner!

  2. Oh, and ... never mind the team sports; you're one heck of a skier! ("To ski or not to ski; what a stupid question!")

  3. :)That is soooo sweet!
    God Bless

  4. So...who's "MomMc?" How very clever ;)

    I hadn't really thought about how different the world cup must be living in Germany. Actually, people have been freaking out about it here too, but personally I think they're all posers. Nobody cares about soccer until it gives them a reason to leave work at 2:30 and sit in a bar.

    I have issues about this whole thing. Just ask your brother.

    But the Germans...now they are LEGIT.