June 18, 2010


This evening we took a family trip to the library, and arrived just in time for closing. I guess we should have checked the closing time before we went all the way over there. The trip turned out to be totally worth it though, because on the way home we passed by a pick-your-own strawberry field. We couldn't pass up the chance to go out and pick at least 1 kilo of our own yummy strawberries, so that's just what we did.

The kids were in heaven. They absolutely loved it. We could eat the strawberries while we picked them, so that's the part that the kids were lovin' so much. The Aegi couldn't get enough. He'd find a strawberry, and then give it to me to bite off part of it, and then grab it back and stuff it in his mouth. If I got distracted with picking berries, and forgot to find berries for him, or bite the ones that he'd found in half for him, he'd let me know in no uncertain terms that his patience was running thin. And I do believe that the Boy and the Girl could have stayed out there picking the strawberries for hours.

The lady who sold the strawberries told us about some other farms in the area where we could go pick strawberries and raspberries. We were planning on going to the zoo tomorrow, but when we asked the kids if they's rather go to the zoo or go pick more berries, they chose berry pickin'. Looks like I might be making some freezer jam this week.

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  1. There's something very magical about imagining all you guys in a quaint little village in Germany picking strawberries on a beautifull sunny day (you didn't specificy the weather, but that's how I pictured it). And now that I'm familiar with Will and all of his "Will-ness," it doesn't surprise me at all that he was really into picking his own food.