June 30, 2010

The Dainty Petal is my Hair-Do Hero

I am blessed to have a wonderful little girl. This little girl was born with a lot of hair, and by the time she was about two and a half, she really had a lot of hair.

Just look at those long, gorgeous locks. This was when she was almost three.

However she has always been what I like to call a 'free spirit', and never liked to be tied down with things such as clothing or hair-ties, clips, bows, etc. She also is not a big fan of sitting still long enough for me to do her hair. 

One of the problems is I'm not really skilled in the area of doing hair, so it always takes me longer that it should. 

So when she was almost three, I decided it would be nice to see a little more of her face more often and we went to get her first haircut. It was cute, but...

...I kind of got a little sad every time I thought of those long, baby-fine, beautiful locks.

But then I would think of times like this and and the way she wouldn't leave a ponytail in her hair, and remember why it was probably better that her hair had been cut.

My little wild child is five now and her sitting-still skills have come a long way from when she was two or three. I figure it's about time that I improve my hair-doing skills as well. 

Fortunately, I have some help.

Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles

My friend sent me a link to this website the other day, and it has already proven to be very useful to somebody like me. It's also helping my girl get more excited about having her hair done because she can look at the pictures or videos of the hair-do's and pick one that she wants me to try.

But I'm even more excited about another hair-do help I found out about recently.

 My cousin Stefanie opened a shop called The Dainty Petal. She creates and sells the cutest hair-clips, headbands, and earrings. All of her items are handmade by her. I showed her website to my girl, and she was so happy. She had the cutest little smile on her face while we browsed through all of Stefanie's creations. I told her she could pick some out to buy. I believe that The Dainty Petal will be my hair-do hero. Not only has the shop already helped my girl become more excited about having her hair tamed by some cute hair accessories, but those accessories will also help my sometimes successful and sometimes not-so-successful attempts at doing hair look cute no matter what.

Now I'm pretty sure only about two or three people read this blog, and I think you already know about The Dainty Petal, but if anyone else happens to read this post, make sure you go visit The Dainty Petal and share it with your friends.

And when you visit, you'll notice the website's cute design which was created by Stefanie's sister Hilary at Simply Yours. She creates the BEST custom blog designs, so make sure you check her site out too.

I was thinking it was time to go do some hair now, but I just asked my girl if she wanted to pick out a hairstyle, and she reminded me that we did her hair yesterday, and she is just going to have a hairstyle every other day... so not today, but tomorrow. Oh well... baby steps.  She's adorable with crazy hair too.

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  1. Love this Shay! This is why I am terrified of ever having a little girl.. I can't even do my own hair let alone a little girl's hair. Hopefully if I ever do get a girl, I will luck out with an adorable girl like yours so that it won't matter what the hair looks like. :)

    Oh, and thanks for the plug. You are too sweet!