August 16, 2011

We're Ready!

We've got the baby clothes all washed and put away, the car has been vacuumed, the family blog is finally caught up to the present, and I'm constantly cleaning the house and getting our homeschool plans organized for the year (nesting is exhausting, I tell ya),  and we're so excited for our little guy to make his appearance. He seems to be a little acrobat, though, and isn't staying in the right position for birth. I was scheduled for an ECV last week, but the night before the procedure, I thought I felt him move his head down. I couldn't tell if he was still head down the next morning, but when we went to the hospital they did an ultrasound, and sure enough, he was. So we didn't have to do the ECV after all. Unfortunately, I think he only stayed that way for a couple of days. I'm anxious for my next appointment, so we can find out for sure what position he is in now. I have a feeling he'll be keeping us guessing right up until the last hour. But however he ends up in our arms, we're just excited for him to be in them!

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