August 16, 2011

More of our Summer

It's been a great summer, but it has sure gone by fast! Although, this last month sure doesn't seem to be going very fast, but I guess that's just what happens when you're almost 38 weeks pregnant and you can barely move and your clothes don't fit anymore. Anyway, here's a short summary of our summer.

The kids found a slug and decided to make him a pet. The named him Froley. You can't see him in this picture because he was caked with dirt. He lasted for a day.

We got a lot of yummy raspberries in our backyard this year. Once they started getting ripe, the kids loved going out to pick them. Grandpa helped too.

Even my little boy got in on the raspberry pickin' action. But he wouldn't eat them. 

The kids did lots of sidewalk chalk art on our back patio... when it wasn't raining.

My girl made a yummy side dish to go with our dinner one night. She found the recipe in a cookbook, made a shopping list, and then I helped her make it. It was called "Polka-dot Rice" and it was yummy.

We visited the Cologne Cathedral, and got in our workout for the week by climbing about a million stairs to get to the top. It was worth every step, though. The bells actually started ringing while we were in the bell tower! The kids didn't like that so much, so hub took them out, but I stayed for a minute, which was about all my ears could take. 

We had our traditional flag toast for breakfast on the 4th.

Hub and I went to a concert where I accidentally spit chewed up food on the Flammkuchen we were eating before the concert started. It was disgusting, but made us both laugh really hard. We were probably the only people there not drinking alcohol (this is Germany, after all), yet I'm sure I appeared to be the one person there who'd had a bit too much to drink. Embarrassing. Anyway, hub caught me with the camera between laughs.

We went for walks in the beautiful countryside around our village. This was a walk we took with Grandpa one day. 

My girl built a "fairy house." This was a really fun activity. Go visit for some fun pictures of fairy houses.

The kids got to be little archeologists and dig up some of our stuff that I buried in the sandbox. My girl is learning about ancient history this year, so that week we were learning about how archeologists learn about the past. They loved it, and keep asking to do it again.

A couple things that I don't have pictures of: swimming lessons, and trips to a couple of really fun parks in the cities near us. My dad was the photographer for those activities, so I'll have to steal some pictures from him.

So, that is just a little glimpse into our summer so far. I'm still waiting for some pictures from my brother from their visit. I'd better start nagging him. :)

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