May 7, 2011

Just one of the reasons I love my mom...

She's so fun. She comes up with such fun things to do with the kids... like what they did after she got home from work the other day. She went outside with a container of water and asked my little boy if he wanted to make dandelions curl. Pretty soon the older two came over and for the next little while I heard lots of laughing and excited little kid voices in the backyard. They had such a good time splitting the dandelion stems, then putting them in the water to make them curl up. My boy was so excited to show me "this teeny tiny" that he was holding in his little hand. I'm sure that the first time they got to make dandelion stems curl will be a fun memory and something they'll want to do again and again.

We've been very blessed to have my mom living with us since last fall. She's been a big help with homeschooling. She makes up fun worksheets for the kids, and also bought a workbook for each of them to work on in the evenings when she is home. She calls it "Grammy School," and the kids really look forward to it. Hub and I have also been able to have plenty of date nights, and even went on an overnight trip to celebrate our anniversary. The kids had such a fun time with my mom while we were gone. They went to the park in our village with some sand toys and played in the sand for hours. My girl started finding nails in the sand, and she and my mom kept looking and ended up finding 26 rusty nails in that sandbox! The park is a much safer place now because of my mom and my girl. :)
 My girl has been telling me about it over and over again ever since. I know that they made a memory that day that she will cherish for a long time.

I couldn't ask for a better mom, and am so thankful that my kids are able to know her too!


  1. Thank you, Honey!!! It's not so much that I'm fun as it is that I have fun with your kids. They're just so perfect in every way; anything is fun with them! Thank you for letting me be an integral part of your family's lives! My experiences here are enhancing my life so much! I HOPE all the memories the kids take with them of me are good ones.

    I love you! You are (and have always been!) the most wonderful daughter anyone could ask for!

    And ... some of those dandelions were curling into funky, cool shapes!

  2. Grammy's are so fun!. My kids love it when they are always thrilled when they see theirs.