August 10, 2010


My baby likes to keep his perspective fresh... well, fresh in one sense of the word. That's one of the best things about being little... the world is just full of joy and discovery, and you're never too lazy or too focused on more important things to find it. Something as simple as looking at things from upside-down can make your day.

Somewhere along the way, we start to struggle with keeping our perspective fresh and in line. We become distracted with too many 'important' things. We become detached from the real, simple, true, beautiful life in us and all around us. 

I've decided that anytime I need a fresh perspective, or a perspective adjustment, I just need to look to my kids' examples. They have it right most of the time. They see the world the way it should be seen. They are more in-tune to the most important parts of reality, even when they are swept up in an imaginary world that they've created. They are a reminder of the potential we have in us to see the world the way we should and live our lives accordingly. It's there, in all of us, even if we've lost sight of it.

 Thanks for the reminder, baby boy.


  1. MMMMM...I just want to take a bite right out of those thighs!!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, baby girl.