May 18, 2010

Be Out There

We're finally getting some warm, sunny days around here so we've been spending a lot more time outside. I love being outside. I'm just happier out there, and I can tell the kids are too. I guess I also need to not be such a wimp and just bundle the kids up and take them outside more often when it's cold.

The National Wildlife Federation's Be Out There Campaign has some great information and ideas for giving kids a Green Hour every day. I love it!

Now if I could just figure out how to synchronize getting all three kids slept, fed, watered, sun-screened, pottied, warmed up, cooled off, and band-aided so we could actually spend an entire uninterrupted hour outside, we'd have it made.

I suppose I could also start remembering to bring the bag of supplies with me, but that might be asking too much of my chaotic brain.


  1. How did I no know about this cute blog?! Thank you for the birthday wish and leaving a link so I could follow it over here. So cute!

  2. Checked out that Green Hour site. I like it! And really, even in winter when the days are short, nothing wrong with older kids getting that outdoor time after the sun is down. Yes, in the cold! We used to play winter "night games" in our neighborhood. Fun times! Gotta say, though, I think Green Hour is just as important for parents as it is for children. We need that time with Mother Nature, too! Like, you said, you just feel happy outside!