November 9, 2011

The Boys

Big Boy, Little Boy, Baby Boy.
Sometimes, I can hardly believe that I have three boys. I'm so proud of my big boy for being such a good brother. He plays so well with my little boy, and he loves my baby boy so much. He's so interested in everything baby boy does. Whenever he catches him awake, he talks to him and shows him toys, or reads to him... just like he's doing in the picture. My little boy also loves his baby brother and shows it by always wanting to give him kisses, and saying things like, "He wuvs me, and I wuv him!" I just love my boys, and I sure hope they always stay such good buddies.


  1. I love those boys too...


  2. What a precious picture! I see three future radiologists (just look at that book they're so intently studying)!!!