August 24, 2011

The good things in life...

are all around me.

We had a great weekend, filled with swimming, picnicking, pedal boating, carousel riding, flammkuchen eating, and just enjoying life. Hub also had to squeeze in writing a research paper, but even that was a good thing because it was the last thing he needed to do to finish up a very difficult and time consuming class he was taking. 

We are now very much anticipating the possible arrival of our baby boy this week. He has been breech or transverse (he switches between the two) since the nurse-midwife first checked his position at 32 weeks. He was head down for a short time at 37 weeks. He turned just in time to avoid an external cephalic version. I guess once he felt like the danger had passed, he decided to move back into his comfort zone because a couple of days later he was no longer head down. At 38 weeks, the doctor and I agreed that we should schedule another ECV, and if it is successful, induce labor so that the little guy will be born before he turns himself the wrong way again. So that is happening this week. In a way it's hard to have this much control over my baby's birth. Whatever the outcome is, I feel like I am fully responsible. Not that I am anticipating a negative outcome, but I just know that inductions sometimes lead to more complicated births. But after much thought about all the options, I feel like this is probably the best way to go. But the first step is to do the version and see if it works or not. It would be nice if the baby boy would once again decide that he'd like to avoid that procedure and turn head down on his own. :)

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and a beautiful world all around me. I'm so thankful for every moment that we get to spend together. I'm so thankful to have a new little one joining our family soon. I know that it is not something to take for granted. I know that life is about to get a little busier and stressful, but my goal is to continue to recognize the good things in life that are all around me everyday... every moment.

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