April 9, 2011

All About Birds' Nests

This week, we learned a lot about birds' nests. It was a fun way to get even more excited about spring. We learned about the different kinds of  birds' nests that there are, and the things that birds use to build their nests. Then, we went for a walk and found some nest building stuff to try to make our own birds' nests.

On our way, we met this snail that was attempting to cross the street. Not the best idea.
My girl immediately decided that the snail needed to be saved from it's very likely untimely death, so she moved it back into the bushes.

Meet Mr. (or Mrs.) Snail.
(When we studied slugs and snails last summer, we learned that they can be both.)

Digging up some mud.

More mud.

Lovely flowers.

Collecting sticks.

Once we felt like we had enough stuff (actually, once baby boy refused to go any farther because he suddenly remembered the scary goat that lives down the path we were walking on), we headed home, dumped our treasures on the table and made some nests.

My boy decided his nest needed some eggs so he went out back and got some white rocks. The long stick poking out the side of his nest is an "animal poker... so bad animals won't get the eggs."

My girl also added white rock eggs, but you can't see them because she put a roof on her nest. Inside, where she put the eggs, she did a bit of interior decorating with a pinecone, some dried leaves, and some flower petals. She also added a leaf to the outside for a door.

I decided to try to build an ovenbird's nest, which is suppose to look like a dutch oven. It kind of worked.

While we made the nests, we talked about how great it is that birds can build these nests so well... much better than we can, even though they don't have hands. We also talked about how great it is that the birds can find all the things they need to build their nests in their natural environment, in the season that they need them.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, and for the next two days, we followed up with a couple more birds' nest activities... coming soon.


  1. Two things. 1. I am jealous of your spring-like weather!! Short sleeves? I don't even remember what those are like... 2. You are the most creative/fun mom ever. I'm glad my boys don't know how to read otherwise, if they read this post I would be in big trouble seeing how I am so un-creative. What fun!!!

  2. Hil, yeah we are REALLY enjoying the nice weather. I hope it comes your way soon!

    What are you talking about... you un-creative? No way. I've seen your very creative blog designs. Plus, you make chocolate chip cookies for your little guy. I think my kids might just prefer eating chocolate chip cookies to making birds' nests. :)