March 30, 2011

Society Sundays Blog Hop - Women of Mormondom, Chapter 1

Well, I missed the blog hop, but just wanted to post some of my thoughts on the chapter anyway. Last night, I read for the first time, chapter 1 in Women of Mormondom. It was really interesting to read. It was written in 1877, and I tend to like reading old books, so that was fun. If not for the old fashioned language, it would have been easy to believe that the book was written today. The characteristics that the author attributes to the Mormon women of the time are, I think, fitting of what many modern women wish to posses. As I read the chapter, the idea of the Mormon woman that I formed in my mind was -- a strong, courageous, devoted, and in no way inferior to men -- woman of vision. I'll just share some of my favorite quotes from the chapter.

Fuller of romance than works of fiction are the lives of Mormon women. so strange and thrilling is their story, --so rare in its elements of experience, --that neither history nor fable affords a perfect example; yet is it a reality of our own times.
Women with new types of character, antique rather than modern; themselves ancient, but transposed to our latter-day experience.
Let us view them purely as prophetic women...
This was written about Mormon women in the earlier days of the church, and those words serve as a great reminder to me of the heritage that I possess as a Mormon woman. But I also realized that, although written about women who lived over 100 years ago, those words can also apply to women of today. Even in these modern times, it's easy to forget how strong and wise we women actually can be. How refreshing to be reminded of that by words written by a man over a century ago.

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