October 23, 2010

Chips Are Good.

I have been craving chips. I was at the store the other day, and I don't know what came over me, but I left with several bags of chips - Kettle Brand Chili Lime flavored tortilla chips, Boulder Canyon Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Chips, and Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix (which sound healthy, but really aren't). You may be able to see from the picture that all three of these bags are almost empty, which means that I have been eating a lot of chips. It's kind of pathetic. I really have better things to be doing after the kids go to bed than eating chips. I also have better things to be doing than writing a blog post about all my chip eating, but since it's a Saturday, Hub is in the States, my baby boy is down for a nap, the older two are playing with blocks, and I told my soon-to-be-famous sister-in-law that I would spread the word about her awesome blog, I figure I might as well take this opportunity to do so.

It actually works out really well, because one of her recent posts was about eating chips off of her bathroom floor. I feel better about my recent chip eating extravaganzas because I can honestly say that I have not stooped to the level of eating chips off the bathroom floor. The kitchen floor maybe, but not the bathroom. I do have a four year old boy, after all.

Anyway, If you have not yet discovered the awesomeness that is Challosh, you've got to go check it out. Challis writes posts that will just make you laugh... and laugh... and laugh some more. And because she dreams of a world where admitting to the entire online community that you eat chips off of your bathroom floor provides a better living than practicing law, she has a goal to become famous. And when she does, you'll want to be able to say that you were a faithful blog reader of Challosh before the writer became rich and famous. Go read her latest post, and all the posts before that. It will brighten your day.


  1. All of those chips sound way too good! I love Challis's blog. It is a definite favorite and a must read!! She is too hilarious.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks Shay! And for the record, I wouldn't eat chips off the bathroom floor if I had a four year old boy either. I mean, technically, I shouldn't be doing it at ALL, but definately not if I had a four year old. Maybe. Also...those little veggie "chips" are not chips at all. They are imposters.