September 3, 2010

Highlights of Our Week

*Watching a herd of cattle pass right by us in the park by the lake where our homeschool group met this week. My older boy loves cow's, so this was very much a highlight of his week... his life, actually.

*Talking to my sweet grandma on the phone. It was so great to hear her voice and chat with her for awhile. The kids talked to her too, and she said that talking to them made her day. Well, talking to her made mine.

*Our walk a few mornings ago. We went for a walk on a trail near our house and saw several slugs, goats, cows, and sheep. One goat was particularly friendly and came up to the fence to have a chat when we were passing. When this goat said "BAAAA," it sounded just like a grumpy old man. It was weird... but really funny.

*The disappearance of our trash can. Well, this wasn't a highlight, more like a weirdness. But yesterday we figured out where it went, so no worries. :)

*Four day weekend. Because it's Labor Day weekend, the Man gets today and Monday off. Yay!

*Real Korean food. We found a Korean restaurant and went there for lunch. Oh, how I've missed it. I never thought that kimchi would be a comfort food, but my first bite of kimchi today was oddly comforting. Apparently, Korea really did rub off on my oldest. She liked rice and seaweed and yaki mandu when we lived there, but today she had a little bit of everything... yaki mandu, kimbap, jab chae, bulgogi, and kimchi. My boy stuck with rice and a little kimbap, and the baby had some yaki mandu. YUM!

*Another trip to the park where the herd of cows came through. This time there were no cows, but we did rent a pedal boat and saw plenty of ducks.

*Getting ready for my mom to come. It has really sunk in this week that my mom is going to be here soon. I'm so excited! She'll be staying for awhile to get some training for her new profession. Wish my dad was going to be here too, but we'll definitely be looking forward to his visit, and love having my mom stay with us!

Looking forward to a fun weekend!

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  1. Grams told me she got to talk to you guys the other day. She was just "tickled". How exciting for a 4 day weekend and for your mom coming to stay!! I have never heard of any of the Korean dishes you listed... google here I come. :)