August 26, 2010

Train of Toys

This is what the kids did the other day while I was making these puppets for Joy School.

Starting in the bathroom...

down the hall...

into our bedroom...

and across the room. 
See where it tapers down to the tiny toy soldiers, and then stops with the big trucks at the end.

They have quite the attention span when they want to.

I'm excited to start Joy School again in September. We always just used stuffed animals for the puppet shows before, but I finally got around to making some puppets, and I think the kids will think that they're a fun addition. It would be nice to have others nearby to have Joy School with, but we'll still have fun doing our 'homeschool version' with just us. We've already started our other school stuff for the year (mainly math and reading), but adding Joy School will be a lot of fun. My oldest will be a great Joy School 'helper' for her younger brother.

1 comment:

  1. That is seriously the best toy train I have ever seen. haha! I love it. The puppets are great too! Wish we were closer to have Joy School right along with you. I know Little Guy would love it.