April 1, 2010

We made it... thus far.

After many hours on a few of these (the larger version), many miles on interstates, many precious moments of visiting with family and friends, many tears, are we there yets, diapers, runny noses, Wee Sing songs, snacks, diapers, dirty clothes, dips in the pool (and the ocean), sunny days, diapers (did I mention that already?), snowy days, and prayers...

We have arrived...

at the next phase of the longest PCS known to man.

We will stay in said phase until about two months from now, at which point the Dude will be finished with his TDY and we will move on to the final phase...

of the longest PCS known to man.

Honestly, I'm so grateful for this time to be able to spend with family. It is a real blessing to have these treasured times with our loved ones, before shipping ourselves across another ocean.

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